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Heirs of hope

15 Aug

Heirs of Hope

Happy Independence Day, my dear readers!

Today, my country shimmers with the bright light of optimism, enlivened by the hues and harmonies of patriotism. More than 70 years ago, the struggle for independence preceded all other struggles. We were a people without a state. In the darkest time, the brightest light emerged from a subject race to cultivate courage, harvest hope, and fight for our place under the sun. It is up to us to carry this narrative of freedom forward to its desired culmination.

Our struggles are different today (fighting  bone-deep corruption, narrow nationalism, casteism, exploitative social and economic structures, and divisive politics), but they still demand a capacious commitment to the country, not indifference and cynicism. Indigence of the spirit serves a poor master. Do away with the deadwood of defeatism and engraft into the body politic the green shoots of constructive attitudes and actions.

To those mocking the celebration of our independence day either out of pessimism or despair at the years of malign neglect of the nation, yes, it is important to celebrate a day that symbolizes the values and sacrifices of the people who passed on to us the torch of freedom. Now it is up to each of us to keep this flame alive all year round.


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